October 18, 2013

countdown to halloween: weather delay

I had the day off. My plans were made. I arrived early at Home Depot. Just me and the contractors and retired home renovators. I picked up the hinges and staples. Bought a few pieces of cheap, unfinished wood. And headed for home. Today was to be construction day on the extension of my rickety fence.

 And then the rain started.

I photographed this guy while remaining warm and dry inside. Even though I'd expected him to be fenced in by now. Luckily, iron bats don't mind the rain.


Ghoul Friday said...

I hear ya. Last night I used the bedroom floor to roll out 9 ft of craft paper and paint a banner. Then used chairs and the dining room table for a safe drying spot away from little paws. Rain again today. Let's ask Santa for workshops.

Guillaume said...

I love this picture. I find it quite eerie for some reason.

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Weather here was nice so I started cutting fun fur on the back deck. It looks like I slaughtered a yeti. Ears deep in costumes my yard is suffering.

Lisa said...

That bat is great!
We had cold rain yesterday, today made up for it, being sweatshirt weather & sunshine! Got lots of stuff done outside. Too bad the inside still looks like a tornado hit.
Stopped at Lowe's last night and caught hubby looking at sheds. The one we have is barely deep enough for the lawn mower, the one he was looking at was big enough to live in! He thought it would be neat to make a loft in it for blowmold storage!