October 13, 2013

countdown to halloween: candy conservation

I was flipping through magazines when I encountered one of those monthly planner pages. The kind that offer suggestions for productive/enjoyable things to do on each day of the month. When November 1st's entry caught my eye.

All year?

I'm not sure how many leftover candy bars they're talking about here, but in my world, there are usually about twenty to thirty left over at the end of the night. And those will have vanished by the weekend. Without making it anywhere close to the freezer.

Perhaps I need to work on my willpower. Maybe November 2nd's entry will be more achievable for me.


Caffeinated Joe said...

Right there with ya. No way they'd last ALL year.

Jason T. Carter said...

If you can't binge on trick or treat candy on Halloween night, you're not doing it right. Obviously the person that made that calendar has no idea what he/she is talking about!

JT, The Writer's Journey

Guillaume said...

Halloween leftovers never last long with me either.

Rue said...

Yep. Not a chance that there would ever be chocolate in my freezer for a year. Honestly, the Halloween mini-chocolate bars barely even make it to Halloween, let alone exist long after that.

Lisa said...

That's just crazy talk. There are 3 of us who pretty much guarantee that nothing much is going to be left, either of my daughter's haul, or whatever doesn't get passed out during ToT.

SaraB! said...

I'm sorry, I don't understand. What is "leftover" candy? I've never experienced this in my house. :-p