October 23, 2008

treat bag memories

I have a love/hate relationship with these vintage paper treat bags. On one hand, they bring back warm trick-or-treating memories of standing on neighbours' doorsteps on a chilly October night, anticipating what might be dropped into my bag or bucket (the image below is one I distinctly remember). On the other hand, they were often filled with the types of candy I disliked . . . or perhaps settled for once I had eaten all of the chocolate and bags of chips and had reached the bottom of my trick-or-treating loot. Rockets . . . Kisses . . . anything involving licorice. But when it's a choice between mediocre candy or nothing, the candy usually wins.

. . . more vintage treat bags here

1 comment:

belle dee said...

I love these. I have one bag, I've saved for years. I wish I would have saved more.